Internet Speed Test | Take the Test now and discover the Speed of your Internet

Hey, wanna do test your internet speed? Know if you are receiving speed you contracted with your provider? Or just show your friends how fast your internet is?

So it's very simple just use the connection test that our team has prepared and in a few seconds you will be able to know the speed of your connection. On this page we decided to use 2 internet speed tests, use whatever you think is best!

  • NPERF internet speed test
  • Internet speed test M-LAB

Internet Speed Test

To do the internet speed test just click on the button “Start the test” and wait a few seconds to know if the speed of your connection is the same as the one you contracted with your internet provider be it Vivo, NET, Claro, TIM or any other provider the test should work without any problem.

Want to better understand what it means Download, Upload, Latency? We will explain everything in the accordion below so you will be able to get the most out of it and better understand the speed test.

What does Download / Download mean in the speed test?
Baixar ou Download

Download or Download means transferring one or more files from a remote server to a local computer. It is a very common and necessary procedure when the objective is to obtain data available on the internet. The files for download can be texts, images, videos, programs etc.

What does Upload / Upload mean in the speed test?
Enviar ou Upload

The meaning of Upload refers to the action of sending data from a local computer (your computer) to a remote computer or server, usually over the internet.

What does Latency / Ping mean in the speed test?
Latência ou Ping

Latency is the factor that ensures quality in the speed of Internet, an expression of how long it takes for a data packet to go from one designated point to another, the synonym for latency on the network is delayed.

What is an Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test is a tool that assesses the connection speed of users of broadband or mobile internet plans, some of these internet speed meters are also used to analyze the quality of the internet offered by providers.

It is important to be aware and always check your internet speed so that you are not fooled by your ISP, often our internet connection is slow and we do not know why, I am sure that we have all been there, and check speed is important to know if the connection is constantly slow or if it is only in a few moments.

If you notice that your internet connection is below what you hired, contact your operator to find out why and when they will solve this problem, after all if you hired 50 mbps download speed then your internet should have 50 mbps download speed if you have less, find out why with your operator.

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How does the Internet Speed Test work?

If you are curious about how our internet speed test works we will explain below everything you need to know.

  1. In order to offer a speed test more accurately the test uses several servers to know which one is closest to you and thus choosing the best one to perform the test;
  2. After the server closest to you is chosen, the test will start and the test will download 1 small file, thus checking the maximum download speed;
  3. After checking the download speed (download) the speed test will check the upload speed (sending) by generating a file and sending it to the server and thus recording the upload speed;
  4. Now the last step is to check the Latency (Ping) by sending several pulses to the server and recording the results.

Ready after all this process the test will display the speed of download, upload and ping.

Internet Speed Test M-LAB

If you think that our first speed test is not measuring your speed correctly you can use the test below and check if the speeds are the same in both tests.

To use the M-LAB test, just click the button "START TEST" and the test will measure your internet speed.

Speed Test Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best site to test the speed of the internet?

There is no better site to test the speed of your internet connection, but there are some items that we can analyze to be able to measure internet speed without problems see below:

  1. Number of ads on the page
  2. What metrics does the speed meter track (upload, download, ping)?
  3. Is the site Brazilian? This question is important because it can have a difference if it is a foreign site.
  4. Do more than 1 test to make sure everything is ok

These items above are the most important when evaluating whether a website is good or not to test your internet.

How do you know if you are getting hired internet speed?

Well the first thing to know if you are getting the internet speed you have hired is to know what internet speed you have hired, to find out there are several ways, see two ways below:

  1. See in the contract, there you must inform the speed that was contracted;
  2. Call your ISP and ask the attendant what the speed is hired.

Now that you know the speed that was hired, just do a test using our speed meter.

How to measure my internet (Tim, Claro, Oi, Vivo, NET, Nextel)?

To measure your internet just use our internet speed test and in a few seconds you will discover the speed of your connection.

So, is your internet fast? Tell us in the comments!