The history of the ToBruxo website started with a slang used by some players to say that they are angry but instead we used “To Bruxo” and thus the name To Bruxo came up.

We had the idea of turning this slang into the name of our website and brand to take it to life.

So far I don't regret that name, and it's really funny especially when we tell people about the ToBruxo website.

ToBruxo.com.br is formed by 3 members:

Fundador do Site Tobruxo.com.br

Jean Oliveira

Co-founder of the website tobruxo.com.br

SEO analyst and Computer Science student, passionate about programming, games and anime. Ubuntu Linux user and League of Legends player.

Co-Founder of ToBruxo

Patrick Perdigão

Co-founder of the website tobruxo.com.br

System Analysis and Development student and developer, crazy about programming and anime, a League of Legends player (or at least try) and a lover of classic films. Trying to be a Linux user but the essence of Microsoft is not that easy.

Gabriel Zedine

CIO of the website tobruxo.com.br

PHP & Javascript developer, studying Systems Analysis and Development by FATEC, aficionado of programming and 3D printing, League of Legends player and MacOS user.